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7 ways you will pack differently from now on!

Why I love packing.

The easiest and convenient ways to pack and be ready to travel streamlined is only a few minutes away, enjoy all the benefits of travel with your preflight checklist, how to purchase the correct luggage so you won’t pay excess baggage, avoid leaks and spillage, condense books and magazines into one tablet, Fill all your spaces if time permits into your luggage, so that way there is no dead space, keep your clothes fresh and clean away from your soiled shoes, learn all this in one blog.

You’ve bought your tickets, you know where you are going, the final destination is a hot, cool or cold climate, whatever the case I have the answers.

First thing first, grab a suit case/luggage that is light weight, so that means the starting weight of the bag is under 3kgs, usually Samsonite have a great range of light weight luggage, though they may be more expensive than the rest, the investment will pay off, as you don’t want to be stung with excessive baggage fees when flying to and from countries. Remember to have more added baggage ensure you’re loyal to an affiliate of airlines so you won’t have to pay for extras. At all costs avoid bags that have zippers, as any thief can just grab a pen and open the zipper, the best bags have the non-zipper system and have a number keypad lock with an override lock for customs. These days most luggage look so similar whether its color, size, shape, stand out from the rest for a quick express pick up and go from the carousel belt, have something unique on your bag so you can tell the difference amongst all other bags. Throughout Australia I have a Q tag which is a unique identifying electronic system with Qantas, some luggage also come with their own identification tags, sometimes a distinguishable color would be great for a faster and speedier express checkout at the luggage carousel.

Luggage Scales.

If you’re not silver and or above on the one world partner alliance of airlines, ensure you invest in non-digital luggage weigher, why non digital? As this way you will never need the use of batteries. The way you pack your luggage will impact the amount of weight it will weigh, trust me I have done it over 600 times in my lifetime and it doesn’t matter how many times you pack there’s always a different experience and always new rules to adhere to with the airlines, so you need to be up to date with their new policies. For example liquids when traveling domestically and internationally, laptops and tablets, the rules and the regulations are different from city to city.


Leaks and Spillage

Leaks of liquid are in your luggage is a common event amongst travelers, to prevent this happening, around the seal of the bottle, ensure you place a cling fil or wrap over the bottles and place caps or lids bag on the bottle, for extra security place the items in a clear zip up bag or a toiletries bag, alternatively, to avoid all weight, and if you’re not fussy in what shampoo you use, always buy it at your destination, this will save you the time and the hassle and completing the steps above, spillage of shampoo on your clothes and or other items is a pain, the last thing you want to be doing is washing your clothes at the bathroom sink before you need to wear them on your first day on vacation.


Grab the scent you like in the form of potpourri and or balls of scented aromas so your clothes have a nice smell through the duration of your trip.


Money, how do we pack that?

These days most mobile/cell phone covers that are waterproof, have compartments that can keep your cash waterproofed and on you at all times even in the water, so keep your valuables close to you and out of reach, this way you never have to fear that your money will go missing if you hop n for a swim.

Books magazines and other subscriptions

I love the feel of turning the page when I’m reading, however we all know this is not practical when on vacation or in transit, have your most important reads on your tablet device and all your itinerary on the same devise, ensure its pin protected, and that your tablet has find my devise set up if it goes missing, as this may be your greatest asset of information.

Fill the space.

When I pack, all my clothes are always rolled this way I create more space throughout the luggage, it fits more and you can see the colour separation between the clothes, for all my shoes I usually fits socks in them all to ensure all space is filled. The more sophisticated traveler I use space saver bags the only issue is if your moving from city to city, you will always need a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the bag, this way you can shrink the bag to fit way more items, remember always the limitation of the weight of the bag, don’t forget your shopping in all different location so you will need space, back in the days I used to buy luggage that could fit one inside the other, this enable me to have three bags on vacation, and I would take one bag out at a time so I can fill them with all the bargains and all the garments that I could never buy back home.

Shoes, clean or not clean.

Carry at all times disposable plastic bags for wet items like swim wear, and if not available, keep the shower caps from your hotel room to safe guard wet items and or the sole of your shoes.


List your items

Always have a list with you at all times so you never forget what you packed, we have a list here for you to use LIST

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