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The Complete Beginners guide to Queues at the Airports


The Seamless Check in process at the Airport when you’re a GOLD member


Queues, I know you don’t like them. Neither do I. I discovered that the more you fly, the more status credit points you earn, and if you’re savvy and watch your inbox for airline emails, sometimes the airline of your choice will send you an email on double or triple or quadrupole points, so the emails you’re thinking are spam aren’t. I have even started grouping my emails in photos so I won’t miss them, it’s that easy. In Outlook all you have to is segregate the folders and the airline I use most often is Qantas so I have made a Qantas folder and now I now I never miss out on anything even frequent flyer point offers, saving me time, AND money!!!


So the difference between frequent flyer points and status credit points are:

Status credit points can only be earned by flying, so it’s important if you want to avoid the queues to look out for the Qantas marketing emails. At times this half of your travel costs with their offers. Recently Qantas sent out an email for double status points on eligible flights to anywhere in the world, so for me this means I might get to Platinum Status level which is an entire different ball game in the frequent flyer status. At the moment I’m a Gold Member so I’m entitled to extra baggage, a shorter queue, and depending on who your ground staff are they may even block out seats if you’re travelling economy, so that way you have the entire row to yourself. The perks are amazing, free Qantas Club Lounge access regardless of if you have bought a membership, so what happens to your membership if it pauses for those years that you don’t fly as much?

Well here’s your info. So a Sydney Melbourne flight is 10 status credit points so to get to Gold status you may need to do 35 return flights to get to 700 points, however using a discounted business class flights closer to home to get there quicker, like a Sydney to Bali return flight in Jetstar flight could earn you 140 status credit points if you pick the max bundle, so instead of completing 14 trips domestically and spending an arm and a leg, here you can take a short trip and earn the same amount.

I’ll place a link to the Qantas status credit points system, if you can understand it, please email me so I can assist you.

Get all the benefits, just for flying. Frequent flyers points work on a different system, avoid getting confused between the two. It will spare you the embarrassment at the airport LOL.

Always flag your emails of your purchases with status credit points offers so you can see in your statements that you received the required points after your travels. This is good to do because sometimes points can take up to six weeks to get credited to your account, so you need to have a reminder set that you have received them, well at least that’s what I do.

Frequent Flyer points are usually earned by spending your dollars on a credit card and by flying any sector in the air. Again, look out for offers in your emails or from your credit card company that offer double and triple points for flying the same sectors.

The same points that you earn can be used to buy a ticket with points alone and then you pay the applicable taxes, or you purchase the applicable economy or business class ticket then upgrade by one class of travel so example Business Class to First Class upgrade, or Economy to Premium or Business Class. This could be worth it, because this way your taxes are already paid in this ticket purchase instead of wasting a vast majority of your points on a return or one way flight. The only difference between the two options above is that if you paid the taxes by using the frequent flyer points and taxes you would be guaranteed the seat in your allocated purchase, whereas if you’re’ requesting an upgrade with the points regardless of if you bought an upgradeable economy class ticket to Business, you are not guaranteed the upgrade, and this is all dependent on how many people have requested the upgrade and what status tier you are with the airlines example, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.


In Conclusion:


Frequent Flyer points differ to those of status credit points.

Status credit points can only be earned by flying only.

Status credit points earn you a privileges with the airline of your choice. These points are earned when you fly a certain amount of miles or kilometres.

Frequent flyer points can earn you a free upgrade on a class of travel or it may earn you a free ticket, when your taxes are paid plus points, it guarantees your seat.

Status credit points cannot earn you any upgrades.

Frequent flyer points may earn you upgrades and free airline seats.

Avoid queues and enjoy membership privileges like airline lounges access free baggage and excess baggage and perks like exit row seats that are normally paid for.

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