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Magill’s Estate Restaurant is situated on the vineyard its self were Penfolds make most there famous wines, from Adelaide city it is in Proximity and not far out of reach of everyday life. You need to be early in for your booking, therefore if you’re booking something social or special book in advance, there fully booked most night.

The restaurant offers diners a 9 course degustation which is phenomenal and also offers a Sommeliers wine package and a premium package, the value for money is there, so don’t think twice, you’ll be leaving the restaurant with more than 9 glasses of premium wine sometimes maybe more, depending on your waiter and waitress, there very generous with their servings that includes food and wine.

The ambience is low level lighting and a mix of 60 jazz and lounge music to set the mood, the waiter(s)/waitresses are all educated for the fine dining experience especially for the pick of the wines which I just love. The choice is all yours when you pick the wines either by the glass or by the bottle as they are flexible.

The produce of the food is exceptional, and the wagyu Beef if you have a chance to taste it, is something that you don’t really see Australian Chefs doing great at, being either the quality, the age or the way the cut is created, the Penfolds chef have it all under control, rare to medium done and precisely cut.

I also suggest although tipping in Australia is not mandatory, being fine dining and the servers do a great job, at least a 5% gratuity or tip would be reasonable, I usually tip at the 10% mark, note well that these days tips can be taken by card as well.

Ensure that you have your Uber app on, as you won’t be driving there, the wines are amazing regardless if your drinker or not. We found that taxis are unreliable in this city, so I avoid them at all costs.

The time taken to eat the 9 courses plus 1 if you’re taking the wagyu option will be at the 3 hour mark, if you’re a quick eater, for the slower eaters, it could take 4 hours as the wine could take a while to get through.

Wait for the finger food, amazing all tasty and farmed all from Adelaide. If Michelin start was available in Australia, a half Michelin star would be awarded to them, if that was even possible, Australia has a little work to get to the 1 star Michelin if ever possible. Check out all my meals and photos of the occasion on the link here below.

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