The Simplest ways to make the best of Perks for Frequent Flyer Points

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The Simplest ways to make the best of Perks for Frequent Flyer Points

Perks For Qantas Frequent Flyers 

We all know it costs and arm and a leg to fly first class, however these days its way easier to achieve, your spending your money so why not earn a point or two on your Qantas Frequent Flyer or Qantas Frequent Flyer Branded Credit Card, I have been flying since 1984, my father has been working for Qantas since 1984 and in my earlier years it was always standby, that is why maybe I have the travel bug, my other siblings fly maybe once a year, not me, I try to fly at least 6-20 times a year, I think 2015 I flew about 77 times, it was something out of the ordinary.

after many years of flying business class on standby rates and getting bumped off as a 16 year old in London, let’s say I wasn’t all that game to try out the world, so I stayed overnight at a Hilton Hotel near the airport of Heathrow, now that cost more than what it would cost to buy a return economy airfare with Qantas Sydney London, yes I know it was business class, however I had learnt my lesson, so as a young kid, I thought to myself there is only two ways I can do this, it’s either become super rich, or learn the system, so I though why only do one, when you can do both, and that’s how I started to earn Qantas Frequent flyer points with my credit card with ANZ since I was 18, back in the day Mobil fuel used to offer 6 points per dollar on spend at a fuel station which was great, by 19 I was flying the world business and first class confirmed which was great and meant that I never had to fly standby, those day were now behind me.

Over the years I studied at university and whilst the major studies had to do with numbers and marketing I learnt how the system worked and how it has evolved over the years.

Enjoying the fruits of your spend is amazing because now in the sky I can always relax with great food a fully flat bed and I can be all ready to go when I land, did you know that on an A380 Emirates First Class cabin they even have hot showers?

The best way to enjoy first class is to take a significant other or a friend so you can enjoy the hospitable service Emirates offers, there are other airlines that give great service, though my favourite is Emirates First Class.

If you are ever in Sydney on a Monday night and I’m in Sydney I show people how to earn and utilise Qantas and Woolworths Frequent flyer System.



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